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Smithy's Headlight Restoration

Smithy's Headlight Restoration offers headlight restoration services for people within the Derby area. If your headlights are not looking at their best we can certainly get them shining again.

Why Headlights Become Cloudy and Yellow
Headlight can become cloudy or appear yellow for several reasons:
  • Oxidisation: Headlight lenses are coated in a clear layer to help prevent acrylic from oxidising. Over time the coating wears off and UV light oxidises the casing, turning it yellow.
  • Wear and tear: Your protective coating is prone to scrapes and scratches from debris on the road, when this reaches beyond the protective layer the casing becomes damaged and appears cloudy.
  • Dirt: After miles on the road, a thin layer of dirt and chemicals from pollution can gather on headlight casing, dimming your beams.
  • Water vapour: Headlights have vents that can become blocked and also come with a watertight seal that often break through wear and tear, once this happens water can collect inside the casing, scattering beams of light.
Regular headlight Maintenance

Washing your car regularly with a quality shampoo will prevent the build up of dirt and chemicals from pollution that can dim your headlights. Polishing them regularly with a sealant like Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray will keep them looking shiny and clear for longer.

Our Service

Headlight Restoration Process

Headlight Being Cleaned

The surface of the headlight is first cleaned to remove any dirt, it’s important to start with a clean surface.

Headlight Being Masked Ready for Sanding
Masking and Sanding

The area surrounding the headlight is masked off using 3M Blue Masking Tape to protect the paintwork while the headlight is being restored. The headlight is then sanded using three different sandpaper grits and then cleaned.

Headlight Being Polished
Buffing and Polishing

The headlight is then buffed and polished using a Hex Logic Medium Cutting Pad and Hex Logic Light Polishing Pad with G3 Pro Dual Action Cutting Compound to get the desired finish. Once complete the masking tape is then removed.

Ceramic Coating

The headlight is then cleaned and dried using a microfibre cloth with Isopropyl Alcohol before applying Autoglym Rapid Ceramic Spray to seal the headlights.


Headlight Restoration and Ceramic Coating

- £20 per headlight or £40 for the pair

Buff, Polish and Ceramic Coating

- £20 for the pair

Clean and Ceramic Coating

- £10 for the pair


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